Vanilla Law

Areas Of Practice

Civil And Commercial Dispute Resolution

This involves the area of law concerned with the liabilities of the individual, businesses and other organisations for which damages (compensation) and other remedies may be awarded.

We represent clients in the various forums for dispute resolution – litigation through the courts, mediation and arbitration.

General Corporate And Contractual Matters

These are matters regarding a company’s establishment, agreements (with internal and external parties), corporate strutures, shareholder and board of director matters, capital structures, shares and all related matters

Corporate Crimes

These are crimes committed either by the company, by individuals acting on behalf of the company or other business entities.

Estate Planning And Administration

In estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging (during an individual’s life) for the managment and disposal of said individual’s estate. It also includes planning for incapacitation as well as reducing uncertainties over the administration of a probate, maximising the value of an indicual’s estate by reducing taxes and other expenses.

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