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The Power Of Collaboration

If you rifle through a box of Lego blocks, you will find pieces with different stud configurations and colours. On their own they bear little meaning or context. However, if you are suitably skilled, these little blocks can be combined to make fantastic works of architecture. Small businesses are like…

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Revenue And The Sources Of Revenue

Companies exist to make money. As such, all companies must have a business strategy which clearly articulates their sources of revenue. However, and as corporate lawyers, we discovered most SMEs do not have a clear strategy to secure the sources of revenue. Even if they do, they do not have…

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Business Is Non-Binary

Having practised litigation work for more than 25 years, one would not be wrong to reduce the work to this simple formula: Someone has to win and someone has to lose. This is “binary”, meaning it is either a “1” or “0”. However, this approach to contracts negotiation is not…

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The Value Of The Business

Why do diamonds cost more than water? This was the question posed by Adam Smith when he observed that water is actually more essential to our life than a useless piece of diamond, yet a diamond will always cost more than water. The answer lies in what economist call THE…

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Mediation Over Litigation

In the Straits Times [21 May 2016] – Singaporeans were urged to 'Embed Mediation In DNA'. This was similarly embraced by the Law Society and the Courts. Lawyers are now encouraged to use mediation as a primary dispute resolution option. VANILLALAW LLC has also embraced this. We learned from our…

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