The Traditional Service Model

The service is delivered by a team of lawyers, research assistants and administrative support staff.
The service is billed base on time spent
on the work. The service rendered in this way is very expensive.

The Unbundled Service Model

MG Chambers LLC | Singapore Law Firms

MG/ Chambers LLC is at the leading edge of the unbundled service delivery philosophy. We have expressed that philosophy with our unique creations.

What Is Unbundled Legal Services?

  • The client’s case is broken down to separate tasks.
  • The client accepts the responsibility of doing some of the footwork.
  • There is the use of LegalTech and systems to coordinate and modularise the work.
MG Chambers LLC | Singapore Law Firms

How is legal costs saved?

  • By clients doing some parts
  • By support staff doing some parts
  • By Lawyers doing some parts
MG Chambers LLC | Singapore Law Firms

The client, lawyer and support staff ALL COME
TOGETHER through the use of LegalTech and
COBS (Case Theory-Onsite Consult-Budget- Status Reports)