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"PEACE IS NOT THE ABSENCE OF CONFLICT, BUT HOW TO HANDLE CONFLICT PEACEFULLY” .............RONALD REAGAN I often get a quizzical look from SME (small and medium sized enterprises) owners when I ask them whether they know the  difference between “conflict resolution” vs “conflict management”. It is tragic that after more…

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Singapore: The Breakdown

Photo byGoh Rhy YanonUnsplash Singapore originated and continues to stay true to its origins as a multicultural society with its numerous races and religions. When you have plans to bring your business overseas, it is always important to have some basic information about the country you intend to go to.…

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Why Written Contracts Truly Matter In Business

Many business relationships start with a single transaction. Maybe the first transaction goes well, so both sides decide to rinse and repeat. They continue to trade with each other, compiling their invoices, receipts, delivery orders, and so on. In a dispute, the mountain of documents and correspondence can show that…

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