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"PEACE IS NOT THE ABSENCE OF CONFLICT, BUT HOW TO HANDLE CONFLICT PEACEFULLY” .............RONALD REAGAN I often get a quizzical look from SME (small and medium sized enterprises) owners when I ask them whether they know the  difference between “conflict resolution” vs “conflict management”. It is tragic that after more…

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Mediation Over Litigation

In the Straits Times [21 May 2016] – Singaporeans were urged to 'Embed Mediation In DNA'. This was similarly embraced by the Law Society and the Courts. Lawyers are now encouraged to use mediation as a primary dispute resolution option. VANILLALAW LLC has also embraced this. We learned from our…

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Singapore As A Dispute Resolution Hub

Recently, 2 draft laws were introduced in the Singapore Parliament. They are part of an on-going effort to strengthen Singapore's position as a premier international commercial dispute resolution hub, to draw more legal work here. The Bills are the Civil Law (Amendment) Bill 2016 and the Mediation Bill 2016. Civil…

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Business Is Non-Binary

Having practised litigation work for more than 25 years, one would not be wrong to reduce the work to this simple formula: Someone has to win and someone has to lose. This is “binary”, meaning it is either a “1” or “0”. However, this approach to contracts negotiation is not…

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