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Revenue And The Sources Of Revenue

Companies exist to make money. As such, all companies must have a business strategy which clearly articulates their sources of revenue. However, and as corporate lawyers, we discovered most SMEs do not have a clear strategy to secure the sources of revenue. Even if they do, they do not have…

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Singapore: The Breakdown

Photo byGoh Rhy YanonUnsplash Singapore originated and continues to stay true to its origins as a multicultural society with its numerous races and religions. When you have plans to bring your business overseas, it is always important to have some basic information about the country you intend to go to.…

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VanillaLaw LLC @ TechLaw.Fest 2018

We were recently invited to TechLaw.Fest 2018 to share our journey and how we embraced technology. Below is a short description of the panel, folowed by the full speech Mark shared with the audience in attendance: Panel Description Deliberate Disruption: A Tale of Three Law Firm Tech Journeys In this…

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Foreign Labour Curbs: Should We Just Take The Hit?

In the Straits Times [18 Oct. 2014] “Foreign worker curbs could hit Singapore’s growth and competitiveness: IMF” Productivity for Singapore means local companies must find ways to use innovation, training and technology to increase output. A high reliance on cheap unskilled foreign labour, foreign talent and multi national corporations (MNCs)…

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