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“We had a matter which went on to the mediation platform. The law firm assisted us to reach a prompt and fair settlement. The outcome of the mediation had a very positive effect on our company. The law firm handled our case in an extremely competent and professional manner.”
Patrick Tan, Assistant General Manager,
Kim Yew Electrical & Sanitary Pte Ltd
“Contracts are drafted to prepare a business owner for the worse case scenrio. If that happens, you become vulnerable….. and can potentially ruin the business”
VanillaLawTM is aimed at helping SMEs who cannot afford inhouse lawyers.
Andrew Sng, Managing Director,
Decision Precision International Pte Ltd
“My company subscribed to the VanillaLawTM services. With the use of VanillaLawTM, I was able to create customised contracts for various scenerios. Furthermore, the service offered me opportunities to bounce ideas off the lawyers and seek their advice without the exorbitant legal fees”
Lim Kit Looi, Founder, The Physiokit Group
“We had a litigation suit. The law firm helped us settle it and it was a job well done. I will return to the firm for their services for corporate advisory and contract management services”
Jennifer Tan, Director,
Sing Wang Motor & Credit Pte Ltd
“Tech for more productive interaction with clients: A good example is VanillaLaw, an interactive web-based platform created by Singapore law firm, VANILLALAW LLC. VANILLALAW LLC developed their own online contract template which, when used together with this platform, allows their cllients to insert relevant information to prepare the first draft of legal documents. The law firm reviews this and focuses on issues requiring legal advice and drafting amendments. The end product is still cleared by qualified lawyers but this technology enabled process cuts down the need for multiple or long meetings to take instructions. This saves time and costs for firm and clients”
A Note From Indranee Rajah S.C.
Senior Minister Of State For Law(16 May 2017)